Roasted Plantain with Peanut Butter & Crushed Peanuts

Roasted Plantain with Peanut Butter & Crusshed Peanuts
Plantains are one of the main staple sources of carbohydrates in Nigeria, and they are prepared and enjoyed in a number of ways....boiling, roasting, frying, grilling, pounding and also adding to stews and pottages. Click here to get a further information on Plantains'

The type of cooking method applied to plantains, is strictly dictated by their stage of maturity and ripeness Roasted plantains, traditionally called booli, are a very popular road side, lunch time snack, usually served and eaten with roasted peanuts (groundnuts).

Roasted plantains with peanut butter and crushed peanuts can be really filling and satisfying, giving a feeling of being fuller for longer.

Booli with Groundnuts

How to roast Plantains Perfectly
  1. To achieve excellent results, you must choose plantains at the perfect stage of ripeness for making booli. Plantain must still be firm to the touch with slight highlight of yellow colour on the skin. If you choose plantain that is too ripe, the resultant booli will be floppy and soft.
  2. Its best to use an open bbq with red hot embers, not flames. To roast, remove the skin and rub some salt on the plantain. Then place on the bbq grill, roasting each side a few minutes at a time, constantly turning to avoid burning.
  3. You may also use an oven to roast your plantain, but I suggest that you crack open the door to the oven, just a little, to avoid condensation, which will make the plantain soggy.
  4. Ensure the oven temperature is not too high and that the oven has been preheated before putting the peeled plantain
  5. Plantain is best served while still hot, Serve with some peanut butter followed by a sprinkling of crushed peanuts. Nutella, hazel nut spread also tastes great with roasted plantains.

Agege Bread with Avocado & Quail Eggs

Avocado & Quail Eggs on Agege Bread

A really healthy and quick snack....

Chunky Veggies Ayamase Sauce with Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs in Ayamase Sauce

Ayamase is a spicy sauce, traditionally made by cooking blended green tomatoes, peppers and chilies, and completing reducing it down to a really thick, "fried" sauce. Special condiments like locust beans and ground dried smoked prawns added to. Its some how similar to the Ghanaian spicy sauce know as Shito.

Food Profile - Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Sometime ago my mum called me up and asked, what is the truth about quail eggs......and I asked her why she wanted to know. She then went on to tell me about how quail eggs are so good at curing all manner of ailments....

Pancakes with Hibiscus Flower (Zobo) Syrup

Pancakes with minced Hibiscus petals and Syrup

February 9th is Pancake least in the UK. So that means we would be having all manner of pancakes that day, something my daughter always looks forward to.

Nigeria's Priced Sea Food - Eja Osan

Cleaned Eja Osan
I posted a recipe with one of Nigeria's highly priced seafood item, the fish known in Yoruba as Eja Osan or Dansarki in Hausa or in Igbo its called Azu Asa. It is a highly regarded and expensive delicacy and often used as part of paying dowry / bride price. Its so highly regarded, a famous Nigerian musician sang about it...!

Eja Osan Imoyo & Okro Soup - One Pot

One Pot Eja Osan Imoyo & Okro Soup

Out here in Lagos, I live just about 20 minutes drive from one of the biggest fresh fish markets in Lagos State, I mean really fresh, caught straight from the Atlantic ocean and surrounding waters....!

Dambu & Cucumber Bites

Funke Koleosho's Dambu & Cucumber Bites

I love the Hausa meat snack called Dambu...its fascinating to see how its actually made into this really fluffy cotton wool ball texture...

Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup

Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup

Continuing on with spiralizing my favourite Nigerian vegetables....I present Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup. (Learn a little more about Spiralizing Nigerian Vegetables/Fruits here).

Candied Coconut Rings

Candied Coconut Rings

I would not, here, begin to tell you about the benefits of cooking with coconut oil, drinking coconut water, and what about eating the coconut meat itself?!....., there is an explosion of information on the numerous health benefits of this fruit.

I remember growing up when they usually say that people with a cough do not eat coconuts....or that if you do not want a cough then do not eat coconut. That gave the fruit some form of reputation...., which made people stay away from it.

Coconut Rings

Coconut Rings

Here is a really nice and fun way to snack on Coconuts or to serve to your guests at a party as knickknacks...

Pumpkin Leaf (Ugu) Pepper Soup

Pumpkin Leaf Pepper Soup

In this post I am tapping into the versatility of soups and thinking "Out of the Nigerian Foodie Box"!. Notice I emphasized Nigerian, this is because we feel very precious about our food, and recipes like the one I am sharing today, raise a lot of eye brows......well initially at least....then they come around...hehehe.

Redefining Nigerian Cuisine

Redefining Nigerian Cuisine

I am passionate about food and cooking...and really love to connect with people who share the same passion...

It would really be unfair to disregard Nigerian Cuisine before you give it a try...! My food journey is about informing people about Nigerian cuisine highlighting its culinary and health benefits, and redefining it, to make is a real dining alternative, to all people across the world.

Garden Egg Noodles (Stir Fry)

Funke Koleosho;s Garden Egg Noodle Stir Fry

First up in my line up of spiralized Nigerian vegetables are Garden eggs...(read a little more about garden eggs here.)

Garden eggs (Aubergine family) are every where in Nigeria and they are mostly eaten raw as a snack. They are also cooked/stewed and served with boiled yam.

Spiralize It

Spiralized Garden Eggs

I am usually not the one to follow fads, in this case Food Fads, unless they make absolute sense, only because I know too well that just as quickly as the fad comes, with all the "hype  & craziness" that come with it, that's how quickly it evaporates into nothingness...

One of such food fads is Spiralizing, a process which sees vegetables being turned into "noodles"..., using a specially designed gadget known as the Spiralizer.

Hibiscus Flower (Zobo) Frozen Yogurt

Hibiscus Flower (Zobo) FroYo (Frozen Yogurt)

Next in line in my quest to incorporate my delicious (somewhat nutritionally beneficial,...?! only because of the high levels of anti-oxidants in the petals) and exciting Zobo Syrup into other dishes, I present my yummy frozen yogurt dish which can be eaten as a dessert or just as a refreshing snack. It is really straightforward to make, simple ingredients and I promise, you will find it very enjoyable.

Decadent Zobo Pudding Cake Drizzled with Zobo Syrup

Decadent Zobo Pudding Cake Drizzled with Zobo Syrup

All I can say about this dish is, you must give it a try...! The taste is divine and all I was able to say about it when I tucked into it,  was hmmmmm hhhmmmm yum yum... Your ideal dessert, this dish excites your senses....sweetness, tartness, great textures from the minced petals, the softness of the cake itself and then the intense exciting red visual appeal....this dish rocks my boat..

Zobo (Hibiscus Flower) Syrup

Zobo Syrup

For my very first recipe post this year, I decided to show you another another "side" of the humble hibiscus flower. locally called Zobo in Nigeria. This is not only because Nigeria is one of the highest exporters of this food item, but also because I have so much interest in it and believe it is so under-utilised. Its intense deep red colour, tart taste and the promise of high levels of anti-oxidants are simply to irresistible for me. (Read more about Zobo (aka sorrel, roselle, hibiscus flower) here).

Eat Wise...!

Eat Wise..!

It's that time of  year again, when the "whole world" makes resolutions to change one aspect of their life or the other. The main area, where people (in particular women), resolve to make changes, is their eating habits, their physical shape/size and general lifestyle...!

Most Wanted...!

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Here are your most viewed and most searched recipes of 2015…! This does not come to me as a surprise as I know that these dishes also represent some of the most popular dishes in Nigeria. Statistically, most of you, my readers find my blog through google / internet searches from places all over the world.